Georgie Rhein

"I' love writing styles from feel-good
to fiction. Under the pen name,
M.G. Nash, I've created spicy
romance with a twist- including
nudist characters! It makes for fun
and adventure!"

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A spicy romance about Bob and Carrie, lovers who heat up the sheets in
Baja,while saving their favorite hide-away from a timeshare syndicate.
Bob suspects sabotage and he's torn between protecting Carrie and having
her near. She's determined to help so a steamy adventure begins, and the
fireworks fly as they hide in the shadows and sun bathe nude in Pleasure Cove.

get closer to Bob . The sensual surprises and the takeover drama are
muy caliente!
Marti is a TV reporter that goes to a nudist resort to see why her free-spirited
Auntie is living there. She meets her own challenge in Auntie's neighbor,
Chuck, a tall dark and handsome man. They become lovers while keeping the
local evangelist at bay. He's trying to close the resort! Marti stays one step
ahead with clever ideas to expose the man and discover if she and Chuck
belong together.

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Spicy Romance
Fiction and Feel-Good
After Arista's perfect world turns upside down, it takes all her brains to begin
again. Can she keep her band, Nudie Blues, busy enough to survive?
She never expected a biker with six-pack abs to be her inspiration, but
sometimes life throws you a hardball!

Jared, who looks like a Magic Mike dancer, turns out to be a cowboy ready
for a serious relationship. Is he too good to be true - or running from a past?
The duo dances around their chemistry while plotting to keep their favorite
nudist resort from switching to a lifestyle swingers' club. When saving their
nudist values get tough, the music always brings them back to each other.
Who wouldn't love nude sailing in the Bahamas? After a steamy romance
on the high seas, Pat and Bill hope to settle down, but Bill gets called back
for a high-risk sea adventure with a big payoff!
Pat thinks the risk is too high, and fights to keep her man. She's a real
temptress on land or sea.
Cat lovers everywhere will want this book! The Trolley Car Cats hop the
trolleys to prowl at night and enjoy sushi at Pier 39! They join forces to help
rescue a stow-away kitten who's headed for quarantine. You'll laugh at the
chase scenes and cheer at the climax in Chinatown.
By compiling the wisdom of talented people, along with her own learning
experiences, Ms. Rhein creates a guide for helping readers live fully.
She gathered the notes of Dr. Lawrence Vogel, former president of the
APA's Family Division, and applied his therapeutic ideas to emotions
like forgiveness and releasing old wounds. It's a quick, easy read full of wit
and resources so you can find your own answers.
Nature inspired book written to help people accept growing older with
wisdom and humor. Using the metaphor of trees, we can learn to accept
the physical changes graciously. Rhein has gathered breath-taking photos
of trees by Moyan Brenn and partnered them with prose and quotes from
world-wide authors.
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