Capt. D.R. Rhein
Involved in aviation around the
world for over 40 years as a
pilot, inspector, author and
manager. Capt. Rhein was
often found on the pages of
Southern Aviator magazine as
a featured columnist, writing
on instrument flight and
weather procedures.
RVR-500,his first novel and
two years in the making, was
quickly followed by Crash of
the Mountain King..
Crash of the Mountain King, the latest title by Capt. D.R. Rhein that is
now available. This story continues the investigative work of Phil Ryan,
who is pulled out of retirement from the NTSB when a King Air
turboprop, on a routine flight, disappears in the vicinity of Mt.
Mitchell,North Carolina. Ryan begins searching the dense mountain
terrain only to uncover deadly conflicts, mysterious old crashes and
deeply hidden secrets from the folks surviving for generations in the
backwoods of Western North Carolina.
Available on
in either paperback,PDF or
ebook format.
Paperback or Ebook
An aviation thriller, RVR-500 follows a jaded, ex-military, NTSB
investigator who encounters much more than expected on what
appears to be an ordinary aircraft crash investigation. Conspiracy in
the industry, and even within his own agency, keeps Phil Ryan
embroiled in murder and intrigue. With time running out, he zeros in on the
truth - making a major discovery that rocks the airline business to its core.
Bruce reduced the power a bit waiting for the reduction in airspeed, but none came. He was still
showing two hundred twenty knots with no indication of any altitude change. He raised the nose a
bit, also no indication of a change, not vertical speed, not airspeed. Nothing! “Oh crap!!” The pitot
static system was clearly iced up, he thought, as he mentally ran the emergency checklist. “What
the heck is my altitude!” he mumbled as he reached for the alternate static source selector, just
getting his hand on the handle when -
Bam! The nose pitched down violently. It was all Bruce could
do to hold it up,
Bam! Tree tops and branches hammered the aircraft as Bruce lost control. “Oh
shit!” The aircraft made its final plunge ---
Excerpt from Crash of the Mountain King
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